Fasst Lax - Easy Field Layout for Girls Lacrosse

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Spend less time making the field and more time playing on it!

Using a Fasst Lax Field Layout Kit is the quickest, most accurate way to line your field for Womens Lacrosse

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What's Fasst?

Fasst Lax is a complete solution for the simplest and quickest way to line a Women's or Girl's Lacrosse Field. This includes making simple the complicated curves and connected lines of the scoring area as well as the "variable" field boundary layout.

How Fasst?

We have been developing this kit and method for the last 7 years as coaches of youth, club and High School Lacrosse. In the early years it used to take almost an entire (miserable) day to lay out and paint a game field and a practice field. Now with this kit and the step by step instructions that come with it, we can paint an entire field in less than 2 hours, and it looks better than ever possible before.

Why Fasst?

Well Fast just did not seem to do it justice! So we added an extra "s" to let everyone know that it's really fasst! With this simple kit anyone, even field-painting novices or lowly assistants (heh, just kidding), can setup a beautiful, accurate field in no time at all. That's why we call it Fasst Lax.

Who is Fasst Lax for?

Coaches, players, field crews, anyone who wants a better way to quickly and accurately set up a Women's Lacrosse field or two or ten!

Fasst Lax is now endorsed by Team FLC!

Team FLC is Central Florida's first Youth and High School Lacrosse club and camp; established in 1998 with the belief that the young student-athletes of Central Florida should have a local camp where they can learn to honor the game of lacrosse with sportsmanship and fair play while developing the fundamental skills required to take their game to the next level.